Lifehacker Made Me a Video!

Dearest all!
Only someone who meets my level of geekyness could possibly understand how happy I am right now.
Lifehacker (you know Lifehacker, right? Possibly the best blog in the world, my favorite website of all time, yada yada yada) not only published my idea of remote controlling your computer with Dropbox and Autohotkey, but also listed it on a top list of uses for Autohotkey, published a follow up I posted with a major update and actually made a video of it!!!
If you don't quite get why I'm so happy about this, think of it this way: some like the Washington Post, some love NY Times, and some are crazy for 'O' Magazine. Well, I myself am a Lifehacker fanatic!
Once again, it is Whitson Gordon @ Lifehacker who succeeds at making this Brazilian nerd extremely happy.
Here's the video:

- César